James O'Brien's Caller's Brexit Analogy Falls Very Flat As He Says EU Won't Let Us Leave

6 September 2019, 12:24

This caller accused the EU of being corrupt and refusing to let the UK leave. But his reasons for saying that fell very flat when he tried to explain them to James O'Brien.

Raj insisted that he voted for Remain before going on to call the EU "quite a corrupt organisation".

He went on to say: "The fact that they're not letting us leave on a reasonable basis with at least some level of compromise..."

But James pointed out their position is that the four freedoms are indivisible, something that they said before the referendum.

Things got even more awkward after he offered what James labelled 'empty slogans and ludicrous political flourishes', saying "this is getting quite embarrassing for you".

And then Raj tried to explain how leaving the EU is the same as leaving your electricity company.

He said: "If you're under contract with an electricity supplier and your supplier is charging you too much so you decide to leave, if you say 'I want to stay, but my family want to leave', then the electricity supplier are very ungracious about you leaving..."

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

James then asked for a way in which the EU have been ungraceful in allowing us to leave and things fell apart completely.

It ended with James saying: "What concerns should the EU have been more accommodating of? You say immigration and I say the four freedoms.

"Then we're back to where we started and we both wasted 10 minutes of our lives. Luckily one of us has learnt something."

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