Caller's Story Perfectly Illustrates Why Government MUST Sort Out Elderly Care

29 April 2019, 11:52 | Updated: 29 April 2019, 11:57

This caller's heartbreaking story perfectly illustrates why the government needs to act to sort out the care of elderly people.

Former Cabinet minister Damian Green has called for the social care system in England to adopt the model of the state pension.

His plans say there should be a basic "safety net", but individuals would be encouraged to top up the provision from savings. More money could be raised by taxing the winter fuel allowance, and placing a new levy on National Insurance for over-50s.

James O'Brien was asking for listeners' stories on being able to afford to care for elderly relatives when Steve called in, revealing that he had been paying for his mother's care for 19 years.

He has spent his entire life savings - over £400,000 - on paying the council for her care and admits he's doesn't know what he'll do if he has to pay it for much longer.

James O'Brien was touched by what he heard from Steve
James O'Brien was touched by what he heard from Steve. Picture: LBC

His call made it clear why action needs to be taken on this - and really touched some of the listeners.