James O'Brien's caller's story of her father's experience of Auschwitz is so, so special

24 January 2020, 16:00

James O'Brien said this caller's remarkable story about her father's experiences in Auschwitz are exactly why he goes to work every day.

Ahead of Monday's 75th anniversary commemorations for the liberation of the concentration camp, James asked how you would tell children about the horrors of it - which they would be in if they were born at a different time.

That prompted Rosalind to call in with the story of her father's time in Auschwitz.

From the moment he was snatched from the side of his mother as a child - the last time he saw her - to his attempts at smuggling cigarettes and trying to build a life in Britain after being set free, this is the kind of oral history that can only be passed down by family members.

James O'Brien loved hearing Rosalind's story
James O'Brien loved hearing Rosalind's story. Picture: LBC

It really brought to life the realities of living through that tragic period of time.

The call lasted for a full 15 minutes, but James said he could have spoken to Rosalind all day. He described it as the kind of call that makes him come to work every day to hear.

Watch her incredible call at the top of the page.