James O'Brien Takes On A Conspiracy Theorist Who Gets Her News From Ukip And YouTube

15 March 2018, 10:59 | Updated: 15 March 2018, 11:27

This conspiracy theorist caller told James O'Brien that she doesn't believe that Russia is to blame for the Salisbury poisoning. But James was stunned by her news sources for her opinion.

Cathy said that she was an ordinary common sense mum and believes that Russia has been set up over the nerve agent attack in order to derail Brexit.

After a series of outlandish statements, James asked her where she gets her news from.

And he couldn't believe it when she said she trusts what she hears from Ukip and YouTube more than she does MI6 and the mainstream media.

James O&squot;Brien labelled Cathy "crackers"
James O'Brien labelled Cathy "crackers". Picture: LBC

Cathy told LBC: "I'm just an ordinary common sense Mum. I believe this is all to derail Brexit. It's to make us look isolated and vulnerable against Russia so that we stay in the EU.

"We should give Putin that sample. They've got every right to that sample to see what it is. I don't believe the Novichok came from them.

"I don't see what Putin had to gain. Why would he do it before the World Cup? Why would he do that before the elections? It does not make any sense."

James asked Cathy where she gets her news and her response left James lost for words: Ukip, YouTube and 40 years of common sense.

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