Corbyn Fan Flounders Under O'Brien Grilling

12 July 2016, 12:50 | Updated: 26 August 2016, 12:55

This is the cracking exchange between James O'Brien and a die-hard Corbynista that's equal parts hilarious...and worrying.

Alex phoned James to defend the embattled Labour leader, currently facing a leadership challenge from Angela Eagle.

But he was in for a rough ride as James put him on the spot...and he floundered.

"Anti-austerity legislation isn't simply rhetoric, it does have substinence (sic)" said Alex, prompting James to issue him a simple challenge.

"Go on, talk me through it."

Alex initially seemed game but it wasn't long before his argument started to get a bit baffling: "Nicholas Shaxson, I believe that's his name, wrote a book called Treasure Island in regards to tax avoidance.

"There's billions and billions, trillions of pounds - I believe it was £11tn in offshore tax avoidance that we could, through a left-wing government - "

"How?" asked James. "How would we get it?

"If they're offshore they're not subject to our laws?"

Things got even sparkier from there as Alex continued to grapple with James's pretty straightforward questions.

"Now, where is that in the Labour Party manifesto?" asked James. "Where is that undergraduate nonsense written down so I can see it more clearly?

"Or do I have to read that book by Mr Shazam and find out what Long John Silver thinks?"

"That's hilarious," replied Alex.

"Mate, this isn't remotely actually think you're making points. You're precisely the reason why the Corbyn project is so frightening."