Coronavirus: James O'Brien attacks "insufferable fools" ignoring social distancing guidelines

23 March 2020, 13:25

By Seán Hickey

James was joined by Harry, a delivery driver that told of his horror at seeing people on the streets ignoring social distancing rules.

James shared his own sightings of people contributing to the spread of coronavirus with Harry and the pair shared their fury over the danger these people are putting themselves and the British public under.

James told the self-employed delivery driver that he sympathised with people like him who had no choice but to put himself at risk. He understood that Harry is doing his best to balance his reason and necessities when putting himself at risk by going to work.

James wanted to know what Harry thought when he saw people out in the open amid advice to stay indoors. He thought that the main reason was because of a typically British feeling of "that will never happen to us.

There was some agreement between the two on the theory, although James argued that "there's plenty of us aware with what we should be doing". He questioned the opinions of these people, asking why they would think that coronavirus wouldn't effect them.

Harry revealed that he is "at very high risk" due to diabetes and asthma but insisted that if he didn't go to work, he simply wouldn't be able to pay his bills.

Some people have been criticised for ignoring social distancing measures
Some people have been criticised for ignoring social distancing measures. Picture: PA

Harry shared with James a range of measures he was taking to prevent catching coronavirus, including signing for people's packages himself and sending photos of proof of delivery to customers to minimise contact.

James pointed out to him that if he was not in the bracket of an at-risk party, he "would be expected to carry on". Harry told James that he was preparing himself to be sent home for three months in the coming days to save his health as coronavirus takes a hold on the UK.

James was clearly sympathetic to Harry and shared his anger on the "people that still think they know better" dismissing any and all government recommendations on the crisis. He referenced people complaining about the shutdown of pubs and restaurants, comparing it to World War II and how pubs didn't close then.

James argued that closing pubs wouldn't have stopped Hitler bombing the UK, but "going to the pub in 2020 would help coronavirus kill people".