Coronavirus: man on cruise ship tells James O'Brien what it's like

7 February 2020, 14:10

This man told James O'Brien what life is like being quarantined on the Princess Diamond cruise ship due to the coronavirus. Even though it's been a tough experience, it's certainly not put him off cruises...

David Able and his wife Sally are quarantined on the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Yokohama and revealed that 19th February is their release date providing there are no more incidents.

From this afternoon all passengers on the ship will be self-testing for coronavirus.

David also revealed that the captain is able to give updates to the passengers but only certain times when he's allowed, which he is finding frustrating.

"It has changed dramatically since Monday, all passengers are confined to cabins," said David, "those on the inside cabins have been released to walk on the upper deck for 90 minutes every day because they have no natural daylight and they don't have fresh air.

"They can't do that everyday because there are so many inside cabins that I think about 50 a time are going up on deck for 90 minutes.

Medical workers aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship
Medical workers aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Picture: PA

"When we do get released on to the decks we have to wear face masks and we've been given rubber gloves. We're not allowed to use the elevator unless you're elderly and infirm."

He also shared that initially being quarantined was an issue as he is diabetic and didn't have regular access to food, but thankfully that has been resolved.

James was impressed with David's calm and charitable approach to the situation.

"Did you and Sally have a conversation before you booked the cruise about whether it was worth splashing out for the balcony and the porthole?" he asked and David laughed, replying that they are veteran cruisers so always splash out.

"That would be the mother of I told you sos, if one of you said let's save the money for a new car or something like that!" said James - David joked that people haven't been put off cruises but said they're never getting an inside cabin again.