James Takes On Tory MP Who Says "The Country Is Coming Together"

18 April 2017, 14:44

Nadhim Zahawi says the country is coming together over Brexit. James O'Brien wants some evidence...

After "Brexit means Brexit", the latest government soundbite seems to be "the country is coming together" - a phrase that Theresa May has used more than once.

She also dropped it into today's speech at Downing Street where she called for a June 8th election.

Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi joined James O'Brien right after that speech and when he also claimed the country was "coming together", James had to interrupt.

"I keep hearing that - what do you base that on?

"I present a radio phone-in show, I speak to people - just shy of a million - and I haven't had any sense of things coming together.

Is that the new 'Brexit means Brexit'? 'The country is coming together'?

"Utterly meaningless and fatuous, but electorally quite effective."

Zawahi continued to insist that the country was coming together, saying he'd seen the evidence in his "postbag".

James continued to press him on it and then reached into his own inbox of messages from listeners. One of them summed it quite sharply as he observed: "This man is deluded. The country is no more coming together than my jeans are washing themselves."