Doctor troubled he cannot convince his dad to have the Covid jab

8 February 2021, 12:54 | Updated: 8 February 2021, 12:58

By Fiona Jones

This caller told James that it was his father's "dream come true" that he became a GP - however his father is now refusing his medical advice to have the Covid vaccine.

James O'Brien was taking calls on jab skepticism amongst ethnic communities after a slow uptake of the vaccine in a diverse area has prompted a vaccine centre to close early three days in a row.

The John Scott vaccination centre in Hackney has said the patient uptake is "really low" despite it being open to serve the boroughs of Hackney and City of London.

Caller Asar corroborated this view, telling James that his father is refusing his medical advice to have the vaccine, despite working hard his whole life to enable Asar to become a GP.

Asar told James that his father claimed he would flee the country if forced to have the vaccine.

He said: "My dad loves his sons and daughters and especially his grandchildren, so for him to make a statement like that was... massive."

Asar cited social media misinformation as a major cause for his skepticism and thought if he got the vaccination himself this would be a solution - however this did not convince his father.

"When it comes to the vaccine there is no food alternative or herbal remedy," he said.

Asar said he decided to deal with the root cause and every time his father is sent an anti-vaxxer video on social media, Asar addresses and debunked the utterly false misinformation.

He tells James he is doing it "everyday."

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