"The EU Law I'd Like To Lose? Being Able To Stomp On Grapes Again"

28 August 2019, 11:58

When this caller said we'd be able to get control of our laws again after Brexit, James O'Brien asked him which law he wanted to lose. And the answer left him speechless.

Bob started his call by saying: "Let joy be unconfined. At last we've got a government with some courage to actually govern."

But James pointed out: "They can't actually govern if they suspend parliament."

Bob then insisted another good thing could come out of this - being able to get rid of Speaker John Bercow - but James had to point out that's not the case either.

James O'Brien was left speechless by Bob's response
James O'Brien was left speechless by Bob's response. Picture: Getty / LBC

Bob ended by saying: "There's just been weak wishy-washy people who have let the EU make our laws and have done nothing."

James asked the question that we've heard many times before: "Which of those dreadful laws are you most looking forward not to have to obey any more?"

Bob's response? "They stopped us from tramping the grapes. We can't do that, we have to use machinery now."

That doesn't appear to be true, with a number of vineyards across Europe offering wine stomping experiences, mainly for tourists.

Listeners were stunned by his claim, writing:

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