"Facemasks are a baby step to dictatorship" caller tells James O'Brien

26 August 2020, 12:29

By Adrian Sherling

This caller insisted that being made to wear a facemask is "a baby step towards a dictatorship", so surely he can answer just one of James O'Brien's questions about that dictatorship.

Jimmy insisted the reason people didn't want to wear a face mask is because it is the first step in a government telling the public what to do.

So James asked the one simple question: "If it's baby steps to a dictatorship, who is the dictator?"

And whatever question he asked, Jimmy didn't have an answer.

Asked if Boris Johnson would be the dictator, Jimmy said: "I can't say if he wants to be a dictator or not. What he is planning and doing behind closed doors we've got no idea at the end of the day."

James O&squot;Brien heard that "facemasks are a baby step to a dictatorship"
James O'Brien heard that "facemasks are a baby step to a dictatorship". Picture: LBC

James pointed out that if they were hell-bent on dictatorship, they would have picked one thing and stuck to it, rather than performing U-turn after U-turn.

It's a classic James O'Brien call. Hear it in full at the top of the page.