James O'Brien: Fake News Is All About Sowing Doubt Ready For Russia Revelation

16 July 2018, 14:19 | Updated: 17 July 2018, 09:56

James O'Brien says that President Trump is sowing doubt in the media and justice systems so that the truth about Russia could be deniable when it emerges.

James said that fake news is "all about Russia" when he describes how Donald Trump coined the phrase to create a seed of doubt in his country's justice system and media.

The LBC presenter said that the President is "clearly a weird narcissist who's desperate to pretend he won the popular vote when he didn't" and that more people turned out to his inauguration than previous Presidents'.

"But why the fake news stuff?" he asked.

"Because when the truth comes out about Russia emerges, he just needs there to be enough doubt."

James O'Brien
James O'Brien. Picture: LBC

"And how do you sow doubt?

"You attack the justice systems of your own country, you attack the free press while favouring utterly partisan and fraudulent media organisations.

"So when the truth of Russia emerges, when it becomes utterly undeniable, it isn't undeniable.

"It is still deniable.

"Fake news."