Father Of Murdered Soldier Defends Officers Shooting At Corbyn Picture

3 April 2019, 14:36 | Updated: 3 April 2019, 14:38

This father of a soldier killed on duty in Afghanistan gave James O'Brien a fascinating take on the officers filmed shooting at a picture of Jeremy Corbyn.

An investigation has been launched after soldiers based in Kabul were filmed using a picture of the Labour leader during target practice.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed its authenticity and labelled it "totally unacceptable".

James O'Brien agreed and felt it was in very bad taste. But John called in from Winchester with an interesting opposing opinion.

He said: "I'm a former Royal Marine. My son was killed in Afghanistan. You need to understand the context of some of these things.

"My son was blown up. The next day, the same section went out on patrol and one soldier had to put his head above the parapet and was shot through the head. That's the level of stress that these people are going through.

"These guys were in Kabul, they are in a range and they are protecting politicians and celebrities who are going out to Afghanistan.

Soldiers shooting at a picture of Jeremy Corbyn
Soldiers shooting at a picture of Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: J 3 Parra / Snapchat

"These photographs are printed off and turned around to show who you are shooting at - that's an enemy, that's not. That's where the photographs come from.

"You mentioned military humour. I'm a Royal Marine. To me the worst part of this video is the grouping was appalling. That's military humour. That's how we get through the rubbish that goes on, where my son was blown up and his mate was shot the next day."

Other faces he said he saw in similar circumstances were football managers, politicians and even duty officers.

It's a fascinating take on the story. Watch it in full at the top of the page.