Former Soldier Gets Brutally Honest On Struggles After Coming Home

3 October 2016, 12:23 | Updated: 3 October 2016, 12:27

Andy in Slough calls James O'Brien to share his take on just how difficult life can be when former soldiers like him return home to Britain.

The caller had one point he really wanted to make clear: not every soldier has faced bloody combat on the frontline, so judging them like they have is wrong.

"The entire, ex-service personnel, get tarnished," said Andy.

"We treat every one of them like they had been exposed to the very worst excesses that war can bring, every single one of them is treated as though they're like Saving Private Ryan," agreed James.

Then Andy opened up about the mental health problems he's faced and the lack of support when he needed it most.

"There's men and women who are are completely on their own. They feel isolated and it's the worst feeling on the planet.

"I used to sit on the floor of my room and I'd drink myself to sleep because I had to forget. I had no way to forget.

"Every bit of help you get is token," said Andy.