Furious James O'Brien caller blasts PM's 'unforgivable blunders' during Covid

9 February 2021, 15:42

By Fiona Jones

Caller Jack branded the Prime Minister unforgivable for his "blunders" during the Covid pandemic, predicting that the hotel quarantine scheme will be "too little too late."

The scheme comes into force on Monday, however the environment secretary admitted to LBC that the Government has not managed to secure any hotel rooms as of yet.

The Heath Secretary has announced a significant strengthening of measures at the UK's borders, as anyone trying to get round coronavirus travel quarantine by hiding details of a visit to a 'red list' country faces a jail term of up to 10 years.

Caller Jack told James that Covid measures are "rather blasé at Heathrow" as there are only "a few signs there" reminding people to quarantine.

He predicted that the hotel scheme would err on the side of too little too late, as opposed to better late than never - and James asked him what it would take to persuade him the Government had made the right move.

"For me the big thing in this has been the lack of accountability," Jack said, "there's no resignation. It's almost as if they've set themselves a precedent where they know nothing will be accountable, they know that they don't really need to worry about these kind of blunders getting into the press because a few days later for them it is old news and move on to the net one.

He continued: "If you think about the actual things that we've seen throughout the beginning of the pandemic...the actual things that have happened.

"A Prime Minister who at the beginning of this said that he was proud to go round and shake peoples' hands in a Covid ward... and just that blustering laugh he always does and the smirks, and just the trivialisation of something that's actually destroying peoples' lives up and down the country."

James remarked that this was before the Dominic Cummings Barnard Castle incident, which Jack said was "unforgivable."

"I'm afraid the direction of traffic in this country at the moment is still a little bit Trumpian, you choose what you want to believe," said James.