Gibraltar MEP Warns Brexit Will Mean GIVING AWAY The Control We Had

23 November 2018, 14:45

Theresa May insisted that her Brexit deal would mean taking back control. But the Gibraltar MEP warns we would actually be giving away the control we had with the EU.

Clare Moody, the Member of the European Parliament for the South West and Gibraltar, told James O'Brien that the deal would leave the Rock would be at the mercy of the Spanish.

Speaking to on LBC, she said: "The real issue is going to lie in the future framework, which is what our future relationship is.

"In common with the consequences for the whole of the UK, the future framework is leaving Gibraltar utterly exposed, but also in the position where what we wind up with for an agreement will have to be by unanimity.

"So Spain will get leverage as of April next year. And there will be no British representatives in the room when that negotiation is going on. We will be a third country."

James O'Brien with MEP Clare Moody
James O'Brien with MEP Clare Moody. Picture: LBC

With his tongue firmly placed in his cheek, James said: "But I thought the EU member states had no power at all or control over their own destiny and we're ridden roughshod over by the Brussels pantechnicon that was piloted by sinister Germans with dreams of reintroducing the fourth Reich?

"Aren't we taking back control?"

Ms Moody responded: "Oh no we're not. That's precisely the opposite of what the future framework represents.

"We will for God knows how long be taking the rules and regulations from the EU and not playing our current vital role in shaping those rules."