Government Reason For Not Publishing Russia Report Is Bogus, Grieve Tells James O'Brien

5 November 2019, 12:26

The government's reasons why they can't publish the controversial report into Russian interference in UK politics are "bogus", Dominic Grieve has told LBC.

Boris Johnson is facing calls to release the report assessing the threat posed by Russia to the UK before the General Election on 12th December.

The government have refused saying there is not enough time, but speaking to James O'Brien, Dominic Grieve didn't hold back in criticising those claims.

He said: "I think it would be very informative and helpful to the public that this should come out before an election, knowing that there has been a lot of public disquiet expressed about such risks related to elections.

"It's clearly germane to a general election and that's one of the reasons we wanted to get it out. That's why I've been so disappointed and horrified about the government's response.

Dominic Grieve didn't hold back in his interview with James O'Brien
Dominic Grieve didn't hold back in his interview with James O'Brien. Picture: LBC

"The only reason they've given is an entirely incredible one. They've said not that they don't want to publish this because there is an overarching national security reason for not doing so.

"Instead they've come back and said they haven't had anywhere near enough time to consider this and it has to go through a very complex process to ensure it is ready for publication. But this complex process has already happened.

"The agencies themselves have said there is nothing to stop this report from coming out.

"All this is bogus.

"The reason they have given is bogus. It's just untrue."

The independent MP for Beaconsfield also criticised the way the government are acting over communicating to the public, saying it was "worrying".

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