The government plan is that we don't know what's going on: James O'Brien

23 June 2020, 12:11

James O'Brien said that the confusion over the rules of the lockdown has become the government's plan to shift blame away from them.

Boris Johnson is to announce updated rules on the lockdown, including when pubs and restaurants can re-open.

But with confusing guidance over 'bubbles', advice for shielding people and just who is allowed to see who, James says that nobody really knows what we can and can't do.

And he is concerned that this is the government plan.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "The fact that none of us know what is going on, what we're supposed to do, what the international lessons we could learn might be, that is the plan.

"And it's been rendered inevitable by months of incompetence, deceit, dishonesty, dissembling, disingenuousness and sundry other words beginning with D.

James O'Brien believes that confusion is the government's plan
James O'Brien believes that confusion is the government's plan. Picture: PA / LBC

"You come now to an almost incomparable crisis in this country, caused in large part by government incompetence and the next chapter is defined by the last three chapters.

"The next chapter has to involve some attempt to get the tills ringing again, because the cost of not doing that is huge. The cost of doing it, however, might be huge as well.

"That is the price. The price is potentially more loss.

"And at some point, that price becomes, not worth it, but an inevitable price to pay for having a country to return to at the end of this catastrophe that is functioning."