Grieving caller's powerful message to public on staying safe during pandemic

27 November 2020, 14:13

By Fiona Jones

This grieving caller came on James O'Brien's show to give a powerful message to the public about staying safe during the pandemic after he losing his father to coronavirus.

Imran from Huddersfield lost his father tragically to coronavirus earlier this year, despite his father only having a mild health condition.

However, even in his own community he sees Covid deniers amongst the older generations; he pointed out many of these people worked hard to get their children through education, and these children are now the doctors, virologists, and epidemiologists advising the world about the pandemic.

Imran questioned why some older people are now denying the expertise of their next generation and instead believing Covid-19 is fake.

"The community doesn't believe the next generation," Imran said, "it's real and our elders are dying from this."

He urged the public to stay safe: "Take it from me, a grieving son, I burst into tears every single day...listen to your local cardiologist, your local dentist, your local doctor.

"The kid who went to mosque with your kid...listen to that doctor because he's not part of this silly alleged force."

Imran continued, "Everybody listening please look after your elders...please take your doctor's advice seriously. Because you don't want to be seeing the tears of your mum."

As Imran and his family visited the grave, they saw another young family visiting another grave with a four year old girl who had lost her father.

"Young fathers are dying of this without underlying health conditions," said Imran, "and in that moment I saw their grief, saw our grief and thought 'this is happening to fathers, mothers of all ages. Look after yourself, guys, of all ages listening to me.

"Look after your elders...ignore the 'scandemic', 'plannedemic' BS."

James, who lost his father a few years ago, told Imran that in time he would have huge comfort in knowing that his father knew how much he loved him.