James O'Brien's Take On Day Three Of The Extinction Rebellion Climate Protests

17 April 2019, 10:43 | Updated: 30 April 2019, 11:50

Despite saying that the Extinction Rebellion campaigners are "on the right side of history", James O'Brien is questioning why he still can't offer his "full-throated support" to the protests.

Police are warning Londoners to check before they travel on Wednesday as climate protesters threaten to bring the London Underground to a standstill.

Campaigners are planning to disrupt Tube services on Wednesday as part of a series of climate change protests which have led to nearly 300 people being arrested in London.

The protests have led to road closures, traffic gridlock and serious disruption to public transport and local businesses, with 55 bus routes closed and 500,000 people affected.

Amid the severe disruption in London, James O'Brien described his feelings on the protests as "intellectual constipation".

"David Attenborough says they're right, Mark Carney says they're right. Everybody knows they're right...and yet, I can't offer full-throated support, and I don't fully understand why", he said.

James O'Brien Extinction Rebellion
Picture: LBC & PA

James explained that his inability to offer 'full-throated support' had nothing to do with the fact the protesters' actions are directly impacting upon him, because they aren't really.

He complimented their efficacy but wondered: "Why is it still difficult to offer full-throated support, despite these three inalienable facts...

"They are on the right side of history. They are doing something that - I'm afraid - stands in relief to the big fat nothing that most of us have done - or a little bit of light recycling.

"And finally it's working because we're all talking about it every single day, so why not full-throated support?"