How Did We End Up Brexiting Just To Stop The Far-Right Rioting, Asks James O'Brien

25 January 2019, 15:53 | Updated: 25 January 2019, 15:56

After two Conservatives warned we must leave the EU or the far-right will riot, James O'Brien asked why we're allowing fascists to dictate government policy.

Both Chris Grayling and Suella Braverman spoke of the rise of the far-right and warned of civil unrest if Brexit is delayed or stopped.

But James warned of just how dangerous that kind of appeasement could be.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "Imagine any other country that is enacting a policy proven to be in direct contradiction of the expectations of everybody who voted for it, 'we must enact it, otherwise the fascists will revolt'.

"That is government by terrorism, government by threat.

"Chris Grayling was over the front page of one newspaper a couple of weeks ago and Suella Braverman made similar comments on Question Time.

"That's amazing. You've got senior, mainstream elected parliamentarians saying we have to do this, otherwise the fascists will revolt, the far-right will surge.

James O'Brien warned against appeasing the fascists
James O'Brien warned against appeasing the fascists. Picture: LBC / PA

"Why on earth is Brexit something beloved of the far-right? And if it is, surely that's the point at which you ask yourself how you ended up on the same side as the far-right, the fascists that you supposedly fear.

"And how the hell did we end up ever contemplating enacting an unpopular policy, proven of being in direct contradiction of everyone who voted for it, we're going to do something we all know is going to be damaging and we've got to crack on with it because otherwise Oswald Mosley's heirs will be upset and angry?

"That's incredible, but it's the perfect illustration of the gaslighting of an entire nation."