Intensive care sister working so hard, she hasn't seen her daughter, 7, for two weeks

7 April 2020, 13:52

By Adrian Sherling

This exhausted intensive care sister has told LBC that she is working so hard, she hasn't seen her seven-year-old daughter for almost three weeks.

As Boris Johnson spent the night in an intensive care unit, James O'Brien wanted to know what it was like working in one of those over-worked wards.

But what he heard from Helen was more shocking that he could have imagined.

She told him: "I just feel so, so exhausted. People must understand that we can't continue. People have to take responsibility and stay at home.

"I've been seeing very, very sick, young people. I don't know why people are saying young people are immune to this disease. These people are dying. This is not a joke.

"I haven't seen my daughter for more than two weeks. I've stayed with my family, because I don't want to bring anything home and worry about her. I'm so busy at work every day. People are exhausted and we can't cope with this."

James O'Brien heard from an exhausted ICU nurse
James O'Brien heard from an exhausted ICU nurse. Picture: PA

James asked Helen for her message to the people who are still going out and sitting in parks. Her response was so powerful.

"We can't cope with any more. The hospital can't cope. The nurses can't cope. The staff can't cope. The doctors can't cope. We can't cope to look after you any more.

"We are full.

"You are not going to die if you don't exercise. But you may die if you catch this."

Listen to her full call - including a wonderfully heartwarming ending - at the top of the page.