"If Boris Johnson was poor and fathered this many kids he'd be condemned"

2 March 2020, 13:35 | Updated: 2 March 2020, 14:03

James had a caller who imagined how Boris Johnson would be viewed on the other side of the tracks, following his announcement that he and Carrie Symonds are expecting a baby,

James was joined on the line by a guest who shared her anger at the hypocrisy of the situation Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have shared with the world- the news that they are expecting a baby, which would be the Prime Minister's sixth.

Carol from Epsom asked James to consider a world where the Prime Minister and his fiancée lived in inner city London and Mr. Johnson had fathered multiple children from different mothers.

The caller argued "he would be known as a baby father" and when the news of Carrie becoming pregnant came out, the public would chime in with the statement that "she's only doing this for a council house".

Carol was infuriated by her own theory and fumed there is "one law for one section of the population and another law for another section of the population".

The caller insisted there is one rule for some and another for those more fortunate
The caller insisted there is one rule for some and another for those more fortunate. Picture: PA

The caller went on to compare 10 Downing Street to a council house, and asked if the Prime Minister was paying rent for his time there.

James took exception to the criticism of Carrie Symonds, insisting that it isn't fair to include her in a criticism of the PM.

He tried to break down the argument for Carol "If we leave Carrie out of it, what you're talking about is a man who impregnates women 'willy nilly'" and took exception to the fact that "we're all being invited to lionise him and cheer him".

Carol agreed with the analysis and insisted that this was where her analogy was coming from. She called for consideration of young women who often get chastised for their involvement with men with multiple children from other marriages.

"There's young women where people say awful things about them" she said, insisting that it is wrong for the public to be cheering the news of the PM but have a different attitude towards people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Carol had one takeaway from the conversation that she put down to James, which was that she "shall now think of number 10 of the most beautifully equipped council house with a nursery in it".