James O'Brien's Immediate Reaction To Theresa May's Resignation

24 May 2019, 10:54 | Updated: 24 May 2019, 11:19

This is James O'Brien's response to Theresa May's announcement that she would be resigning as Prime Minister on 7th June.

Mrs May broke down in tears during her statement outside Downing Street as she talked of how proud she was to have served as the UK's second female Prime Minister.

That led James to feel some sympathy for her - something he admits she doesn't deserve.

Speaking about that sympathy, James said: "She doesn't deserve it. Unless you can argue persuasively that she had little choice but to take every decision that she took and I don't think you can do that.

James O'Brien responded to Theresa May's resignation
James O'Brien responded to Theresa May's resignation. Picture: PA / LBC

"The strangest thing perhaps in this self-inflicted and deliberate diminishment of our nation is that the people that essentially applauded and cheered her to the rafters for her early rhetoric are precisely the same people who have administered the harshest judgements and meanest assessments subsequently.

"It was a deal with the devil, riding a tiger.

"She employed the language of Ukip. She talked about the will of the people. She talked about taking back control of our money, our laws and our borders.

"I think she has been preternaturally appalling as a Prime Minister.

"But - and I make no apology for this - when I see a woman of her age coming close to tears in public, something inside me melts."

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