Caller almost in tears as she explains how minor conviction impacted her whole life

19 November 2020, 11:58

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This is the heartbreaking call where once listener explains how a minor shoplifting conviction has impacted on her whole life.

"This is the first time I have ever talked to anybody about this," the caller told LBC's James O'Brien.

Sally revealed to James that she is a clinical psychologist, and for her working life has faced the stigma of a minor criminal conviction looming over her.

She told LBC that this meant she was unable to work in the NHS due to a conviction at the age of 25 for shoplifting.

Going on to explain that she was on a heavy dose of drugs, Sally said she just forgot to pay and walked out of the shop.

"This stays on my record," Sally said, explaining because of her role she is required to have an enhanced criminal record check.

The caller said this meant she was unable to work anywhere in her chosen field.

"Everywhere I went, they just rejected me."

Heartbreakingly Sally said as she was talking about the issue she was shaking.

The conversation comes amid the news that offenders guilty of minor crimes will have them wiped from their records under changes announced by the Home Office to stop them being denied jobs by "spent" convictions.

When James asked if she was able to practice privately, Sally said that was what she had to do.

"So the NHS gates shut automatically when this flags up on your record?" James asked.

When James asked how long ago it was from Sally revealed she is 52 now, so the offence is 27 years old.

She told LBC all of her qualifications went down the drain because of one mistake.

Home Office Minister Victoria Atkins said: "By making these adjustments we will ensure that vulnerable people are protected from dangerous offenders, while those who have turned their lives around or live with the stigma of convictions from their youth are not held back."