James O'Brien's Instant Reaction To Nigel Farage's Trip To Downing Street

7 June 2019, 12:51

This is James O'Brien's immediate reaction after seeing Nigel Farage drop off a letter to Downing Street over Brexit.

The Brexit Party leader delivered a letter to the Prime Minister and the Tory leadership hopefuls, asking for a place at the Brexit negotiation table.

The letter to Mrs May said that the Brexit Party has a "democratic mandate" on Brexit.

He was filmed knocking on the door of 10 Downing Street and handing the letter to a police officer inside.

James O'Brien responded to Nigel Farage's visit to Downing Street
James O'Brien responded to Nigel Farage's visit to Downing Street. Picture: LBC / PA

James watched the footage live on TV and then responded: "Some breaking news for you. Nigel Farage is currently delivering a letter to Theresa May at Downing Street asking for the Brexit Party to have a seat at the negotiating table.

"I know what you're thinking, why couldn't he just buy a stamp like the rest of us?

"Answer: because then he wouldn't get the slavish attention from all the film crews and all the glorious opportunity to distract attention away from the fact that he turned up in Peterborough yesterday expecting to do a lap of honour and ended up hiding in the toilet.

"Always happy to provide subtitles to political stories!"