James O'Brien Drops Bombshell On Caller Who Said Irish Border Issue Is A "Simple Puzzle"

4 December 2018, 11:46 | Updated: 4 December 2018, 11:49

James has a brilliantly simple response to a caller who described the Irish border issue as a "simple puzzle".

Kevin initially gave James a 'torturous' analogy of the Irish border issue, saying that "Britannia is a freedom-loving girl in a bar, Mr EU has come along and said 'I want to leave you in my bedroom' but don't worry the moment you solve this simple puzzle to my satisfaction I'll let you go'"

But when he struggled to explain how the 'simple puzzle' could be resolved, James allowed him a few moments to think.

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After returning from the break, James gives Kevin an opportunity to explain how the Irish border issue could be solved like a "simple puzzle".

"The British are saying we are not going to have a hard border, the Europeans are saying we will not have a hard border, so the reason we will never have a hard border is because no-one's going to impose it," he said.

James replied: "Which means the backstop stays indefinitely, which is what they're all so cross and upset about.

"You've said that Rees-Mogg says it's simple, then you've acknowledged that it almost certainly isn't, and if it isn't then it can't be solved. So it's not a simple puzzle.

"So your solution to the simple puzzle is not to try and solve it at all.

"You what that's called? Remaining."