Irish election: Fintan O'Toole separates fact from fiction for James O'Brien

10 February 2020, 13:30

Fintan O'Toole separates fact from fiction in the Irish general election after the historic moment Sinn Fein loosened the decades-long domination of two parties.

Left-wing republic party Sinn Fein has taken 24.5% of the vote compared to 22% for Fianna Fáil and 21% for Fine Gael, meaning no party will have a clear majority of seats.

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald has described the result as "seismic" and brands this shift as "something of a revolution in the ballot box."

Political journalist Fintan O'Toole explained this vote was remarkable because it has shown a clear emergence of a right left divide for the first time in 100 years.

Mr O'Toole went on to explain the voting system in Ireland and gave his prediction for the next government.

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