James Poses Key Question Voters Must Answer About Tim Farron’s Beliefs

26 April 2017, 12:47 | Updated: 26 April 2017, 13:53

One caller was convinced that Tim Farron’s personal views have no impact on his role in public office. James asks one question that totally changes his mind.

Tim Farron is an evangelical Christian and has been asked repeatedly whether he thinks gay sex is a sin. Yesterday he said he didn’t.

Alistair called James to say that Tim Farron’s personal views have nothing to do with his political actions. He said voters should confident that Farron was professional enough to separate the two.

“I don’t know how you can separate the two,” James said “if he believes that gay feller over there is going to go to hell, how is that not going to affect his behaviour towards him?”

Alistair evaded the question, so James rephrased it.

“How can that voter be confident, as you said he should be, that his belief is not going to affect his behaviour towards him?”

“Well, you can’t” Alistair said.

“Ah. Well you said he could a minute ago.” James pointed out.

“Well, I was mistaken.” Alistair conceded. He also agreed that a politician’s personal views can be political and socially problematical.

“This is why the suggestion is that of course you are free to believe whatever you want to believe, but if you are seeking public office you probably shouldn’t believe that some of your voters are going to go to hell because of their love life.”

“…well, yes.” Alistair’s mind was changed.