James: The Mail Linked Jo Cox's Killer To Migrants Getting Council Houses. Why?

25 November 2016, 12:47 | Updated: 25 November 2016, 13:27

James O'Brien jumper

"I wish I was making it up," said James, as he launched into a serious interrogation of how the Daily Mail chose to cover Thomas Mair's sentence for the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.

On Thursday, the day after the guilty verdict and whole life sentence for Thomas Mair, James commented on how the Daily Mail waited until page 30 to cover the story.

But something else struck him - on the next page, the paper had linked Mair's horrible crimes with migrants getting council houses.

It sparked the LBC presenter to ask some searing questions of the newspaper.

"When they finally get around to covering the terrorist murder of a sitting MP, the Daily Mail on page 31 tie it in to the old story about foreigners getting council houses.

"I wish I was making this up. 'Did Neo-Nazi Murder Jo Over Fear He'd Lose Council House He Grew Up In?'

"Wow. Imagine just coming up with that."

James then suggested some "more pertinent" headlines for the piece.

"Did Neo-Nazi Murder Jo Because Race Hate Has Been Normalised By Newspapers Like This One?

"Did Neo-Nazi Murder Jo Because The White People In This Country Really Are In Danger Of Being Wiped Out As Lots Of People On The Comments Section Of Our Website Routinely Write?

"Did Neo-Nazi Murder Jo Because Earlier That Day A Poster Was Unveiled Showing Lots Of Foreign People Trekking Through A Field In Slovenia With Chilling Echoes Of Nazi Propaganda And The Headline 'Breaking Point' Underneath?"