James Has Found A Use For That £350 Million

12 June 2017, 17:17 | Updated: 13 June 2017, 08:13

James O'Brien has found a use for the £350 million plastered across the side of the Brexit bus.

The LBC presenter punctured the last reason for leaving the European Union.

James said: "Who's actually concerned about the national interest at the moment? Who thinks the biggest story in the news is the 96 per cent decline in the number of EU nurses coming here to look after us, applying to come here to care for us?  

"Oh so we will train up our own? OK, how long is that going to take? And while you're at it, if we're going to train up our own, how do you factor in the fact that the last government took away bursaries a nurse training?  

"So that now you have to come out of your nurse training with a massive debt. So what we've done, and there is an argument here to say that this is not exactly beneficial to our European neighbours, you take a nurse who's already been trained, this is why the budgetary angles of European Union membership are so much more complicated than anyone allows, certainly much more complicated than the side of a bus allows.  

"So here's something no one's said to you before, let's pretend for a minute that that figure on the side of the bus was true, let's just pretend for a minute that wasn't the mother of all lies during the Brexit campaign.  

"£350 million quid going to the NHS "Oh it was a suggestion". Just jog on, seriously, save it for the judge. Let's pretend there was £350 million quid up for grabs, that we could have put into the NHS.  

"That's the £350 million quid we were sending to the European Union, and some of the money we were sending to the European Union got spent in other European Union countries who were not net contributors, and what do they spend it on? Anyone? Just off the top of your head?  

"What might they have spent some of that money on, that we were sending to the European Union?  Anyone?  Buhler?  Training nurses maybe. 

"So the money we sent to the European Union, that got doled out to other countries that were not performing as economically well as ours, would have been spent on education issues, so some of the money we sent to the European Union got spent on training nurses, who would then come here to work in our NHS, and pay tax, which would involve, if you think about it, a return on the investment we've made in their education. 

"What have we done? Scared them all off. Why have we done it? Fish."