James Calls Out The Leavers Who Are Dodging Tough Brexit Questions

16 March 2017, 12:25

Brexit Secretary David Davis admits he doesn't know the full economic impact of a hard Brexit. James O'Brien picks his jaw up from the ground to deliver this classic rant.

Under tough questioning from Hillary Benn in a government committee on Wednesday, Davis said that the government doesn't know what the full cost would be of the UK leaving the EU without a deal. Davis admitted that ultimately, UK agriculture could face tariffs of 30-40% on exports and car manufacturers 10%.

After playing the clip of Davis, James got stuck into him: "That's the man in charge of it, saying: 'I haven't got a Scooby Doo.'"

He continued: "It's only because of our parliamentary democracy that we have the chance to hear that...of course it's not going to be reported properly. All of the newspapers put us here. Almost all of them.

"That's just incredible. That is like being given proof by the people that told you that the Earth was flat that actually: 'I haven't got any proof of that at all. I've got no proof that the earth is flat. All of the evidence suggests it's actually round. But please don't print that in your newspapers because you've just spent the last year telling everybody the Earth is flat and so have I.'

"What's going to happen when the full truth actually emerges?

"None of these people will put themselves up for interview with proper scrutiny. It's why Iain Duncan Smith is the only face you see on the telly. Never get a chance to have a proper crack at Liam Fox or a David Davis or a Boris Johnson.

"Boris doesn't come on air any more, does he? Boris used to have a passport, he used to come through a revolving door on some shows on LBC. No chance."

James wasn't done there.

"This is sovereignty guys. This is democracy. This is getting your country back. You have to rely upon Hillary Benn at a select committee to ask questions. That's the only thing they can't wriggle out of."