"I Hadn't Realised How Much I Loved Britain Until It Changed"

29 November 2016, 11:47 | Updated: 29 November 2016, 11:50

James O'Brien Thoughtful

James O'Brien admits that until the EU Referendum, he hadn't quite realised how wonderful this country is - and how much that was helped by being in the EU.

In an emotive address during his show that will strike a chord with a lot of Remain voters still upset at June's result, James made clear what he's learned in the past five months.

"That's where the enemies of democracy now are on the march in this country. People who actually don't want to talk about where this country is going.

"I love this country. I hadn't realised how much I loved it until it changed."

James continued: "I hadn't realised how wonderful it was to be raising my children in Britain, until a lot of the things that made it wonderful got taken away or seem poised to be taken away.

"I hadn't really registered the fact that my children can go and work for their godfather in Spain if they want, they can go and live with him and work in his shop in their year off and learn another language.

"I hadn't really registered how important it was to have things scientific research leading the world in some quarters.

"Like everybody else I'd fallen into thinking the debate was about Romanian car washers and council houses. By God I love this place. Why is it in any way controversial to want to hang on to as much that makes it wonderful as possible and wave goodbye to as little as possible?"