Caller's Immigrant Complaints Earn Unmissable Response From James

5 May 2017, 11:46 | Updated: 5 May 2017, 11:51

"I know this isn't nice for you to hear, nobody likes looking in the mirror."

John spent ten minutes of a compelling call telling James why he had abandoned the Labour party and voted for the Tories in this week's council elections.

For him, immigration was the key issue that decided his vote: "I live in North Yorkshire...when I go back home to Boston I see what it's really like...the Labour Party should be for reducing immigration. If they listened to people, like I listen to, up and down the country, they should have done something about that."

"I still like Tony Blair," added John.

"And yet he's the man that everybody holds responsible for the immigration that you and so many of the people you meet are convinced is the reason they've got rubbish working conditions," replied James.

"You want to go to Boston," John told the LBC presenter.

James told him: "I've been to Boston, I've been to Boston. I've been to quite a lot of areas of high immigration and I completely understand why people are frustrated by it.

"Here's what I can't do John...and I'm sorry if this upsets you: I don't want to turn into a person who is more upset according to how people get treated based on where they come from.

"The only way you protect a workforce is to protect every single member of it.

"Without realising it, you've swallowed the divide and rule Kool-Aid...if it's all the fault of immigrants, you can't protect the workforce."