James Lists The Reasons Why Remain Would Win A 2nd Referendum

25 November 2016, 10:50 | Updated: 27 November 2016, 07:28

James O'Brien Ooh

James O'Brien is convinced that if Britain voted tomorrow on the EU Referendum, the result would be the other way. He has quite a list of reasons why.

James opened his show reflecting on the interventions of Tony Blair and Sir John Major in the EU debate. They say the public should get a vote on the finalised terms of our departure from the EU.

O'Brien is convinced that if that vote did take place, the result would be obvious.

"52 to 48 does not mean that the 48 disappear and also, we might discuss this, if they reran it tomorrow the result would go the other way.

"Absolutely certain of it. It would have to.

"Who is going to sit there and say: 'oh I didn't realize my wages were going to go down. I didn't realize my wife was going to lose her job. I didn't realize that my suppliers were going to put everything up by 16 to 20 percent. I didn't realize I was going to have to pay more for my weekly shop.

"They told me I was going to be really well off. I didn't realise that big number on the side of a bus was a bare-faced lie. I didn't realize that they'd all clear off for the first sign of trouble. I didn't realize that we'd end up here and there and doing this and doing that. I didn't realize I'd end up poor James!

"I didn't realize that we'd end up seeing the Pound plummet so far against the Dollar that we've lost in Dollar terms one and a half trillion bucks already as a country. I didn't realize we'd be looking at a pay squeeze that would be pretty much the worst we've had in just under a century. I didn't realize any of these things.

"Can I have another vote please?' Because now we know."