James O'Brien's beautiful call leaves listeners in tears

17 April 2020, 14:27

This is the beautiful call during James O'Brien's Friday Thank yous that left listeners in tears.

As James was asking people to call in to say thank you to people who are heroes during the coronavirus lockdown, but not included in our Thursday night applause.

Rosie called in, wanting to say thank you to her granny's cleaner/carer Jackie, who sounded the alarm when her granny had a stroke earlier this week.

It was already a very emotional call, but then Rosie said something that brought a tear to his eye.

She said: "Something you said has been really supportive. You said that when your dad passed, you knew that he knew how much he was loved. And there's absolutely no doubt that my gran would know exactly how much she was loved."

James O'Brien heard this beautiful call from Rosie
James O'Brien heard this beautiful call from Rosie. Picture: LBC

After that lovely moment, James told her: "You've set me off now.

"Thank you Rosie, for making me feel good that I've served a purpose in your life as well.

"If that's it, if that's my contribution to public discourse, I'd be proud of it and I think my dad would be too.

"Just the idea that you can never tell people that you love them too much. Because when the time comes when they're no longer there, then that knowledge that the person you've lost knew how much you loved them can be an enormous comfort."