James O'Brien's Must-Watch Take On The Reaction To Boris's Divorce

7 September 2018, 12:09

James O'Brien asked why Boris Johnson is given a free pass from his colleagues over his adultery.

The former Foreign Secretary announced today that he has separated from his wife Marina Wheeler and were in the process of divorcing.

James pointed out that the act of adultery breaks one of the 10 Commandments, so wondered whether the religious Jacob Rees-Mogg would now cut ties with him.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "What's the news here really? Boris Johnson can't keep his trousers on. Treats his wife and children with the same callous disregard and self-interested contempt that he treats everybody else in the country.

"The thing that intrigues me slightly is why he gets a free pass. Presumably Jacob absolutely disgusted by this, what with adultery actually being in the Ten Commandments and Jacob being a stand-up Christian, who doesn't believe that women should have the right to have abortions.

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"He thinks that women who've been raped should be compelled by law to go through with the birth. And he chalks that up to religion, as opposed to sort of entry-level misogyny. So presumably he'll never be able to look Boris Johnson in the face again. He'll be absolutely outraged and disgusted and they'll part company politically by tea-time today. Because Thou shalt not commit adultery, as any fule kno, is in your actual top ten Christian commandments. There's no mention there of abortion or contraception or any of the other things that Jacob gets exercised about.

"I will enjoy apologising and withdrawing my suggestion that Jacob Rees-Mogg will sit in very very strong judgement of Boris Johnson on this issue, what with being such a stand-up guy and devout Christian and everything when he makes a public statement on the issue as he surely will.

"If he's prepared to speak publicly about women who've been raped as a result of his religious beliefs then surely he'll speak publicly about a man that he has I believe recently punted as a possible Prime Minister, hasn't he? Now it turns out he breaks the Ten Commandments on a regular basis.

"I for one do not believe that Jacob will be able to live with himself and his Christian conscience without publicly distancing himself from the serial adulterer Boris Johnson."