James O'Brien lists some of Boris Johnson's eccentric gestures

3 July 2020, 13:31

By Fiona Jones

James O'Brien listed the many eccentric gestures Boris Johnson has made after he told LBC he didn't believe in gestures.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told LBC he "doesn't believe in gestures" when asked by Nick Ferrari if he would take the knee in the wake of Black Lives Matter.

James said that an LBC listener Ollie looked up and saw overhead "the plane that Boris Johnson spent £900,000 of your money painting. But he doesn't like gestures."

James cited his most memorable gestures was when Boris Johnson drove through a fake wall on a digger or when he held the kipper.

"There's a picture of him here in a turban, there's a picture of him playing netball with Barbara Windsor.

"Then there's that famous time when he careered into a nine-year-old Japanese boy while playing rugby.

"There's a picture of him in boxing gloves boxing. Say what you like about the man, he really doesn't like gestures."

James listed a picture of him doing a tug-of-war, a picture of him preparing to throw a ball at a coconut shy, a picture of him eating an ice cream with a Union Jack stuck in it.

Boris Johnson bulldozing through a wall with the message 'Get Brexit Done'
Boris Johnson bulldozing through a wall with the message 'Get Brexit Done'. Picture: PA

"Here he is holding up a brick. I don't know, probably shortly before appointing it to his Cabinet," James quipped.

He cited a picture of Boris Johnson in a funky outfit potentially to promote London Fashion Week.

"They're probably my favourite from the man who just doesn't do gestures, at least that's what he says when he's asked to show sympathy and solidarity with victims of systemic racism.

"When he's asked about that he doesn't do gestures, but here's a picture of him waving a fish."

Boris Johnson "waving a fish", as James O&squot;Brien put it
Boris Johnson "waving a fish", as James O'Brien put it. Picture: PA