James O'Brien caller: Boris Johnson has thrown teachers under the bus

23 February 2021, 11:55

By Sam Sholli

Boris Johnson has thrown teachers under the bus, a caller has told LBC in response to the Prime Minister's roadmap announcement.

Richard in Belton, whose wife is a teacher, made the point to James O'Brien in response to the Prime Minister laying out four steps to lifting restrictions in England.

All schools are set to reopen on March 8 under the Prime Minister's plan and secondary school children will be told to wear face masks in schools corridors and classrooms.

Speaking about his wife to James, Richard said: "She's going to be back full-time with a full compliment of students from March 8. She hasn't been vaccinated.

"She teaches sex and health education so one way or another she teaches every kid in the school in a secondary.

"And as you've said on a number of occasions where people mix they get infected, and I'm worried for her. I'm really worried for her."

He added: "But I do feel that, in this atmosphere of caution, it's the teaching profession that have been somewhat thrown under the bus.

"And there was a heaven-sent opportunity last week James to vaccinate all the teachers. They could do it now. They could do it between now and March 8, but they just don't seem to."

Meanwhile, top virologist Dr Smith on Monday told LBC that teachers should be vaccinated before schools reopen on March 8.