James O'Brien caller gives hilarious analysis of Boris Johnson

26 June 2020, 13:55 | Updated: 26 June 2020, 19:07

By Fiona Jones

James O'Brien was entertained with this caller's hilarious verdict of the Prime Minister who has "lost the plot" in this pandemic.

Caller Louise said she thinks Boris Johnson has lost the plot and "the bat's lost the belfry."

Vulnerable to coronavirus as an asthmatic herself, she pointed out the Prime Minister has been in intensive care with the illness so presumed he would be "more wary" about his message to the public.

James remarked that many people believed this yet he was not convinced, pointing to the Prime Minister's instruction for seaside authorities to "show some guts" and manage thousands flocking to the coasts in warm weather - instead of aiding regions to reduce potential infection.

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James asked Louise if she liked him before his handling of coronavirus and she said she thought he made a better Mayor of London.

"We're told one thing, so we adhere to that, then something else crops up so we adhere to that. I'm in a two and eight over here, I've got no idea where I'm coming or going," she said, with James celebrating "her lovely way with words".

"I thought only women who were blonde were ditsy, I think he was taking the bar a bit higher," she said.

James laughed, "I get the sense you've been under lockdown so long you've been working on this material...you're getting all your best lines out when you're on the radio."

Louise continued that Liverpool football fans should not be out in the streets celebrating their Premiere League win either: "If my team had won a cup, I wouldn't go out and celebrate, I'd be running around the lounge with my t-shirt over my head going 'get in'."

James again commended her way with words and for the purposes of national listeners translated her rhyming slang: 'two and eight' means state!

He reflected on her point, questioning what message the general public are supposed to take from Boris Johnson's instruction to "show some guts."