James O'Brien Takes On Brexiteer Who Wants UK Sovereignty

3 September 2018, 11:30

This Brexiteer told James O'Brien that he wants to leave the EU to stop the UK being ruled by Brussels. This is what happened when James gave him some facts from the Brexit Department white paper.

Tony said he voted for Brexit to bring sovereignty back to Britain. But when James asked him what that actually meant, he didn't have an answer.

He said: "Sovereignty means long term - and this is the important issue - long-term, for the next 100 years or maybe longer, not being dictated to by a supra-national government based in Brussels."

With a heavy sigh, James responded: "So the white paper that said our government has always been sovereign, although it has not always seemed that way... that was an example of our government that you want to be more sovereign being wrong?

"The Brexit white paper suggested our government has always been sovereign."

James O'Brien sighs while speaking to Tony
James O'Brien sighs while speaking to Tony. Picture: LBC

Then, when James confronted him with that, Tony insisted that it was never his opinion in the first place and he is neutral on the subject.

James told him: "You're ringing in and you're saying quite silly things and then saying 'That's not actually what I think'.

"It's almost as if you are a Brexiter saying things that are untrue and then refusing to be held accountable about what you've actually said by claiming it was all somebody else's fault."

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