James O'Brien Bursts The Final Reasons For Voting For Brexit

19 October 2017, 12:45 | Updated: 19 October 2017, 14:58

James O'Brien has narrowed down the final reasons left for people to support Brexit - blue passports and British fish.

A handful of Conservative MPs have told Theresa May to walk away from talks with the European Union if they fail to make significant progress.

But James said any final arguments for Brexit have been proved wrong, with the exception of two meaningless ones.

James O'Brien took down all the final arguments for Brexit
James O'Brien took down all the final arguments for Brexit. Picture: LBC

Role playing on his LBC show, he said: "Did you vote to be poor? Yes absolutely voted to be poor.

"Did you vote for a crash in the pound? Yes I know I absolutely voted for a crash in the pound.

"Did you believe that lie on the side? No no no everyone knew that was just a decoration on the side of the bus. Nobody thought that was actually right.

"Did you vote to endanger the futures and confuse the destinies of over four million of your of your fellow European humans, some of whom - a quarter of whom - are British and three-quarters of them were born in the other 27 countries. Did you vote for that? No no no, nobody knew.

"So what are you getting out of this?

Erm... erm... passports. Blue passports... and fish. And erm, sovereignty.

"OK. So who is going to control our border with Northern Ireland? Us or the European Union? Who is going to decide the terms of our trade with the largest single market in the world, if indeed we have any? Us or the European Union? Who is going to actually safeguard the one point something million British citizens living in the European Union? The European Union as a necessary upshot of their attempts to protect the interests of their members or Theresa May, who hasn't got any leverage whatsoever now except this ludicrous, ludicrous suggestion that we have to make them fear that we'll walk away.

"I can explain it to you in the simplest of terms OK. This is a call by the kind of Owen Patterson, John Redwood wing of the Conservative Party, this is the tactic.

"If you don't do what we want, we're going to shoot ourselves in the head."