James O'Brien Caller Admits He Likes Being Lied To By Boris Johnson

29 August 2019, 13:55

A caller has said he supports Boris Johnson's plan for proroguing parliament, despite admitting that the Prime Minister lied about his intentions.

John from Halifax made an astonishing admission to James O'Brien this morning, claiming that he knows Boris Johnson is lying about his intentions for proroguing parliament, but supports him regardless.

The caller said that Boris Johnson was lying, but when asked if he supported the Prime Minister, he said "yes".

A bewildered James responded: "Right, great, there we are. You like being lied to - am I right or am I wrong?"

The caller didn't answer the question, but James continued: "You like the lie that he's telling at the moment."

It follows the news that Boris Johnson will prorogue parliament for five weeks from next month, which has sparked protests and criticism.

A petition to stop the Prime Minister proroguing parliament has reached almost 1.5m signatures.