James O'Brien caller "ashamed to be British" after new Brexit bill proposed

14 September 2020, 17:39

By Fiona Jones

A formerly proud British citizen told James O'Brien she is now "embarrassed to be British" and tries to hide her accent after the Government's proposal of the new Brexit bill which will "break international law."

Downing Street is facing an escalating revolt over the new Bill, being voted on in the Commons on Monday, which overrides parts of Britain’s Withdrawal Treaty with the EU

This is after the Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis admitted last week to MPs that this Bill will "break international law" if passed.

Caller Mary lives in Brittany and she told James O'Brien she is "embarrassed to be British" after this new Brexit proposal.

James reflected that his professional reaction is to jump in and insist that the Prime Minister is not prepared to break the law "but they have categorically said that."

Mary said, "For someone who's lived in Europe for a very long time, I've always been proud of the UK, I've not abandoned the UK. If anybody dared to criticise the UK I'd stand up for it and say what about the fabulous music and the culture?"

"Recently I'm ashamed, I'm actually embarrassed. I'm embarrassed about how the Government is behaving, I'm embarrassed about this situation. I'd rather hide my British accent when I speak French."

Mary also pointed out if the Government can renege on the deal they have already signed up for, "can they therefore renege on citizen's rights?"

James sighed, "If the Government reneges on a treaty commitment of such high profile...if they can turn around and say we've got to tear that up, what won't they be prepared to tear up in the future?"