Caller Defending Boris Johnson Can't Think Of One Conservative Value He Represents

20 May 2019, 18:07

This caller wanted to defend Boris Johnson, but when she spoke to James O'Brien she couldn't think of a single conservative value that Tory MP represents.

"Pick a Conservative value which you think Boris Johnson is a good example of," James O'Brien challenged listeners.

The LBC host asked callers to ring in and tell him which Conservative value Boris Johnson's conduct in "public and in private" is a good example of.

Laughing, Angela said: "I don't know that I can."

"Does it matter anymore that anyone represents a value?" Angela asked James. The caller said she thought it was more important who best "gets the message that the party agrees they want to get across."

"For some reason, you will take notice when he's talking," Angela said.

When James asks what the caller would point to as his "qualities as a politician," Angela couldn't answer.

James gave the caller several chances to answer his question.
James gave the caller several chances to answer his question. Picture: LBC

Angela said that when it came to personal issues such as marriage breakdowns and cheating people "identify" with the former Foreign Secretary.

Given one final chance to name a "quality of achievement" that could be described as evidence of Boris Johnson's conservatism or confidence Angela laughed.

James said that the things Boris had done and said "seem to be at odds" with everything that Conservatism is.

"How can people who consider themselves to be Conservatives, not see what is in front of their eyes." the LBC host ended the call by saying.