James O'Brien caller condemns 'people who don't think rules apply', amid new mutations

2 February 2021, 14:11

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a James O'Brien caller said there's still a "certain type of person" who thinks that "the rules don't apply to them" as as coronavirus cases with a "mutation of concern" are found in Liverpool and Bristol.

Matt Hancock told the Commons there had been 32 cases with a mutation in Liverpool and 11 in Bristol.

Alongside this, 105 cases of the South African strain were identified across the UK, including 11 in individuals who were found to have tested positive for the variant, despite having no links to travel or previous cases of the strain.

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Del in Edinburgh called in to discuss the UK Government's handling of its borders, expressing concern.

Del said: "We should have closed the borders this time last year, even before that probably.

"As soon as it came in, we should have had a warning that the borders should have been closed."

Reflecting on the attitude of the British public to Covid rule-breaking, also said: "We'd have anger coming out of our earholes about 50 people on a dinghy crossing the channel, and yet Boris Johnson's father can circumvent [the rules].

Stanley Johnson was pictured shopping without a face mask in September of last year, an act for which he said he was "extremely sorry".

Del added: "There's a certain type of person I think still in this country who think that the rules don't apply to them."

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the Commons the aim of the UK in relation to the South Africa variant of Covid-19 must be to "stop its spread altogether".

He said: "As with the variant first identified here in the UK there is currently no evidence to suggest it is any more severe but we have to come down on it hard.

"Our mission must be to stop its spread altogether and break those chains of transmission."

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