James O'Brien caller despairs as conspiracist wife won't let kids have Covid jab

14 September 2021, 13:53

By Fiona Jones

This caller tells James O'Brien that since his wife has fallen down a conspiracy rabbit hole of "madness", she will not let their willing 12 year-old daughter have the Covid jab.

It comes after the Government accepted advice of the Chief Medical Officers to offer children aged between 12 and 15 a first dose of the Covid jab from next week.

Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi told LBC's Nick Ferrrari that children in this age bracket would only be able to have a Covid jab against their parents' wishes following a meeting with a clinician.

Caller Paul's 12 year old daughter is ready and willing to have the vaccine however his wife, who has had the vaccine after much persuasion, says "there's no way" the children would ever have it.

"She's got friends that are telling her it's dangerous, and can stop them having kids and all this other stuff with is absolute rubbish. But how do you explain that?" Paul asked.

James asked: "Who's going to win?" to which the caller said that his wife will win.

"I've told her to read this and read that but her friend will come round...[and] they will not accept that it's a safe vaccine," Paul said, "when you look at it, it's absolute madness what they're saying [but] how do you convince these people? It's impossible."

James remarked that the caller "didn't have anything in his tool box" that can counter "that level of delusion, as conspiracy theorists relentless brand the pandemic a hoax, despite hundreds of thousands of people dying.

"It's one particular YouTuber that they follow and they watch," remarked Paul, "I explained to them: who would you trust, these people that have studied vaccines their whole lives and come up with lifesaving technology to help us all, or do you believe matey boy on YouTube?"