James O'Brien caller needs son to pay rent despite fear he'll catch Covid at work

26 January 2021, 13:17

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a James O'Brien caller said she is relying on her son to pay her rent but is "terrified" he'll catch Covid while at work.

The exchange comes as the latest data from the Office for National Statistics has shown that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the deaths of more than 100,000 people in the UK.

Speaking of her situation during the Covid crisis, Carolyn in Putney told James: "Right now I'm living with my adult son and his friend who is an economic Covid refugee who couldn't stay in his own place any longer.

"We're all jammed into a place together. I work in film so I haven't worked for a year.

"So my son is working at a café and he's the only income coming in and he has to go to work, and we're terrified because they don't enforce masks there."

Carolyn added: "If he doesn't go to work then I can't pay the rent."

She also said: "I've blown through what small savings I have and we're just hanging on by our fingernails and I'm looking for work but I'm a woman of a certain age and it's not easy to find anything."