James O'Brien responds to caller who asks why supermarkets are open but not pubs

25 March 2021, 13:54

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment James O'Brien responded to a caller who questioned why people are currently allowed to walk into supermarkets but not pubs.

Kenny in London began by telling James of his frustration with the Government's current approach to pubs.

His remarks have come after Boris Johnson's suggestion pub goers may have to show a Covid-19 vaccine certificate before being served.

Kenny said: "I look after 10 pubs in London and the hospitality industry has been hit so hard lately. What is next?"

He added: "I think the Government should be really more focussed on keeping the airports closed and getting everybody in the country vaccinated first of all."

James told Kenny: "In the context of it being passed from one human being to another, the less we mix the less we infect each other [and] the less we infect each other the less we die."

James then asked: "If you want to reopen your pub, you don't want unvaccinated people in there, surely?"

Kenny then responded wasked: "But James, then surely why should people be able to walk into supermarkets which have thousands of people..."

James replied: "Because if they don't have food they'll starve to death, Kenny."

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has said the review into coronavirus health certificates is expected by April 12.

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