James O'Brien caller worries police could track his location via a vaccine passport

25 February 2021, 10:16

By Sam Sholli

A caller has told James O'Brien he supports vaccine passports but worries who might be able to access his location.

The exchange comes amid news the Prime Minister has asked the Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove to lead a review into the use of vaccine passports.

Yesterday Boris Johnson spoke out on a review into the possible use of vaccine passports, saying "we're looking at a novelty for our country".

Meanwhile Education Secretary Gavin Williamson suggested to LBC's Nick Ferrari that he would accept a vaccine passport to get back into theatres, restaurants and cinemas.

John in Chelmsford argued: "I'm OK with [the vaccine passport] providing it just says I have had the jab and I'm up to date with it.

"It should not have any other information other than that [and I'm concerned about] who else has got access to that information."

He then questioned if police would be able to access the location of a person having an affair using data acquired from vaccine passports, if a crime were to occur in an area where they happened to be.

James replied: "You're wife's not going to be able to log onto it mate, don't worry."

He added: "I'm not currently aware of any process by which, if they're looking for witnesses, [police] can access a list of everybody whose phone was in that area and then contact them individually and directly."